Johnson Automation


With our expertise in multiple engineering disciplines, Johnson Automation, LLC, offers contract assembly services for a diverse range of product types. Our professional team manages box build, automated, and clean room assembly projects of any size or complexity. We specialize in building equipment to our customer’s engineering drawings and also provide turnkey solutions incorporating full project management and engineering. Our processes are designed to uphold strict quality standards, and we offer a comprehensive range of test and inspection methods to ensure your products meet all of your quality and functional criteria.

Test Equipment

Johnson Automation builds custom test equipment for mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic applications.

Our Customers

Many of our customers for other products have come to us for ideas on ways to test their assemblies prior to shipment or installation into complex machines. We work in collaboration with our customer and our engineering partners to develop cost effective solutions for testing the unique characteristics of their products verifying that sub-assemblies function as designed prior to shipment or installation.

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